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Every day Loquax users post their wins to our Winners Post Forum! But who are the big winners? Well, here's your chance to find out with our 'Roll of Honour'. Congratulations to all - and don't forget to check back as it will update regularly.

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Greig23 - £1500 Win!!
Just wanted to post about my recent win... A WTC to tell me i had own £1500!! Whoop Whoop So happy! thanks to all who post it was a daily mail txt entry, and i ask?

Gaynorj - Readers Digest £5000 Draw
I received an email telling me about this 2 days ago, and did not quite believe it. Firstly because I've never heard of anyone winning on the daily entry draw, and secondly becaus?

Ykellock - £2500 Bath Store Win!
Had a phone call today from Bath Store to say I have won £2500 to spend in Bath Store. Thought it was hoax so came off phone and checked and there was comp with 25 winners so hopi?

Caydensmum - Over The Moon!!!
ok so my win for today is a children's book off facebook, which Cayden is looking forward to reading. I have also had an email this morning to say that me and my boy's (partner an?

Michie - Thanks Guy!!! Hat-Trick Today!!!
Well I can't believe it!!! Third win this morning!! I have won from Housing Units on Twitter the gorgeous Pink Mantle Clock, which will match my kitchen perfectly and sit lovely o?

Candyfloss79 - Thank You Janet Haste, Pick Me Up Win
Thank you loads Janet Haste for posting the Pick Me Up competitions and answers. I received a big box out of the blue and inside were three Bing toys worth over £30 each. The lette?

Lessecretsduneexpatriee - Thank You JellyBell
Thank you JellyBell I won a GEFU Spiralfix Spiralizer from the the Birds Eye ‘Mix Up Your Menu’ Competition ou posted back in June. :dance: There were 30 up for grab so maybe a ?

JellyBell - Quack! Said The Duck In Her Pink Clove Jacket!
Just had a WEM saying I've won any item of clothing I like in the new arrivals section of Pink Clove Clothing range from a Raff I posted here. I've picked out a black & white bo?

Paulinecnd - Boots The Chemists
Many thanks to Wilma, arrived this morning, a £100 Boots gift card from Capital One FB Good luck to all Loquats, especially Wilma?

Isis1981uk - My July Wins
This month has been the best I can remember over my 15 years of comping, in terms of numbers. Just little bits but all very welcome and needed/wanted - averaging almost 1 win per ?

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