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Alexandras - The Times Harrod's Hamper Comp!
Thank you Jayanna, I've just received a WEM and I'm thrilled - I've never had anything so 'fancy'! :D?

Janebm - MOS Prize Crossword Win
Postie just been and one letter for me. Opened it to find a cheque for £1,500 and letter saying that I was the winner of The Mail on Sunday prize crossword No 1774. I always en?

Chris2468 - L've Won A Smartphone
thank you caseymashpr for posting this comp [url]http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=681851[/url] l've only gone and won the [B]Strength, Challenge and Achievement[/B] c?

Bogglebonce - Yay - Won A Tablet
:ta: Had a WEM from Topcashback to say I was a winner in one of their 24 hour comps and have won a Samsung Galaxy TabA 16GB - this has really made my Christmas - so :ta: Alison9970?

Caroldodds - Thanks Guy
I had a winning phone call from Classic FM on Thursday last to say that I have won the Hive system from British Gas (waiting for an engineer to call) and £1000 in John Lewis vouche?

Jim_lauchlan - Cayman Islands Holiday
I have won a 7 night holiday to the Cayman Islands from Kev Jones post [url=http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=690284&highlight=conde+nast]here[/url] :dance: Thanks so ?

Fairyfiona - Thanks To Frennie1,jayanna And Michie
just like buses today ,3 wins.postie delivered a Magnitone Vibra-Sonic Daily Facial Cleansing™ Brushes, won the in the night garden calendar and jennings brewery main prize which i?

Ruth - Magic FM (Bauer Radio) - £500 Currys Gift Card
:ta: Guy for posting Had an email telling me I've won £500 vouchers :dance: Really made my day.?

Devon007 - Thank You Lushest!
Came home tonight to £100 cheque for TVTimes Crossword Week 43 :dance: Also had another box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates from a comp :-)?

Steeps - The Times Harrod's Hamper Comp!
Me too! Me too! :dance: (Like everyone I imagine) I've always wanted to win one of these hourly competitions. Thank you very much jayanna, this has made my day. I feel quite fes?

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