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Emmaross - Big Win :)
Thank you so much for posting sarahs408, I have just been emailed that I have won £1500 Debenhams vouchers! In shock! I had a dreadful November but the past few days have been am?

Caydensmum - Amazing Day!
3 wins today. Two came from the Yorkshire comping day 10 stamped postcards and a themed ( something you can hold in your hand) hamper contained things such as chocolate, sweets, sm?

Scrapaddict - 5 Wins This Week
Case of wine and £100 sports direct vouchers for my daughter after I nominated her and we both went on Absolute Radio - thanks GUY £100 Litle Black Dress vouchers and a monoprin?

Marandina - Amazing Day In Comp Land - 2 Big Wins And A 3rd Fab One!
Blimey - December's just picked up! Kick started with a win on the Easy Jet advent which is 2 return flights to anywhere in Europe. Then my tickets arrived for WBA v Villa from the?

JanetHumphrey - The Times Advent A Kindle Paperwhite
[QUOTE=wilmaj915;3911335][url]https://www.thetimesoffers.co.uk/kindle12dec/[/url] The Times are giving away a Kindle Paperwhite, every hour 9am - 9pm, Friday 12 December.[/QUOTE?

Db3745 - Gatwick Advent Win
On the 12th day of Christmas Gatwick offered prizes to 12 people who guessed that the clue - something that will sparkle on your wrist - was a diamond bracelet. They told you it wa?

JanetHumphrey - Thanks Guy - Our NYE Going With A Bang!
[QUOTE=Guy;3909891]Celebrate New Year’s Eve and welcome 2015 in with a bang at the London NYE 2014 Fireworks, presented by the Mayor of London. [URL="http://www.capitalfm.com/lo?

Matthewfuller - Heart FM Sky Movies Package Win!
Hi, I won all this in the Heart Radio competition .....Sky Movies free for a year, a 42" HD TV, a 32GB iPad and a Surround Sound System!! Lady called me from Heart on Monday ?

Udinese - Sainsburys Wine Winner
Thank you brenda.heads for posting the comp, I'm one of Sainsburys Winners 6 Bottles of Wine, such a lovely prize :drunk: [url]http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=544766?

Kevjones - Thank You Gkynaston - Santander Advent Win
Big thanks to gkynaston for posting the Santander 12 Toys of Christmas Advent:ta: Just had a WEM saying Ive won a LeapFrog Leap Tv:dance: Looks like they retail for around £1?

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