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Pinksiris - One Of The Big Ones.....A CAR!!!
Morning all Firstly need to say a massive thank you to Guy for posting the comp [URL="http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=525129"]http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.p?

VictoriaTonia - Finally Won A Competition
Had an email this morning to say I have won 400 Asda voucher from the Jacobs Creek Wimbledon competition I entered :dance: I have tried to track down the user who posted the comp?

Pipster101 - Beginner's Luck!?
Hi In May, I won a 300 haircut with a celebrity hairdresser in London and then a holiday to Florida. These were the only competitions I'd even entered this year! When I got back?

Bethanie21 - Sorry For Ever Moaning !
I may have been moaning over the past couple of weeks about my lack of wins. I would just like to apologize for this as in the last couple of days i have received - Benefit face se?

Army - Lovely Win- Period Living
After a very lean 2014 for wins so far, last month I was lucky to be advised that I'd won 500 worth of exclusive air purifying paints, colours of my choosing, via period Living Ma?

Debmark - 4 Wins Today
I haven't won anything for a while and have been busy so not as much time to enter, so a lovely day today....firstly the postman delivered a small bottle of Benefit serum, then a m?

23farls - Thankyou Jayanna- Brilliant DIY Prize
Today I had my first win that just turns up at your door unexpectedly with no email etc etc - I've always wanted one of those and today was a lovely surprise!! A Bosch Swarovsk?

Marandina - Flaming July: Best Month Of The Year And Waiting On A TV Win
Just dropped in to reminisce over a brilliant July. It may include a 42" TV win but I'm still waiting with baited breath. Thanks again to everyone who makes Loquax what it is, i?

Stehol - Metro Win - Thanks Guy
Had a WEM from Metro today, I have won a LG G3 Smartphone.:-D Big thanks to Guy for posting [url]http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=524881[/url] Wishing you lots of lu?

123spillett - After A Dry Spell...2 Fb Wins In July!
To those of you who tirelessly post comps.. thanks!!:wd: After my longest dry spell..(it would seem that last year I was a very lucky duck!) I finally won!! And not just once?

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