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Loobyvee - Sainsbury's Big Night In - Thanks Kevjones!
Just got a WEM to say I have won the Sainsbury's big night in competition - a 40" HDTV, the top 10 DVDs and 250 Sainsbury's vouchers :dance::dance::dance: Thank you so much Ke?

Cols - Ipad Win From Ok Magazine!!!!!
I received confirmation of this win in August but didn't hear anything else so in Sept contacted the company again only to be told the person dealing with it had left the company. ?

Marandina - Times Hourly Comp Win - Cheers Wilmaj915
Just picked up a wem for the comp below. Chuffed, chuffed, chuffed. Thanks to all the lovely peeps who put so much time and effort into posting comps and, on this occasion, the ?

Steviecomp - Wow 500 Heart Fm Win!!
I had a phone call an hour ago from heart fm I won the 500 pounds for a party outfit competition and they are sending me a cheque! It was the retallick spa one not sure if was post?

Tillysouth - Oven Win
Thank you so much to Starbuck who posted this competition on the forum. [url]http://forums.loquax.co.uk/showthread.php?t=540640&highlight=guardian+neff[/url] I have just mov?

Patterry - WEM From You Magazine, Thanks Marymod
Had an email to say I've won a Clarins Treatment Oil Beauty Box, I think it's from one of your You magazine posts, so thanks for this. Hopefully there are a few more winners on her?

Julsthomas - Iceland Win!
Just received a WEM to let me know I've won 50 Iceland vouchers on the daily I'm a celebrity game - very useful!! Julie?

Caro8500 - Its Been A Good Day!
Came home from minor op in Hospital to find I had 2 WEMS Won Great British Bake Off Book (Pink Lady) Thanks so much greenfingers5 and Julie J and 2 nights B+B and Dinne?

Michie - Yahoo!! Friday Night WEM
Just had an email from Dave Lackie to inform me I have won 2 Guerlain lipsticks … very happy with this lovely win :dance::dance: Christmas has come early!! Keep the faith a?

Helen0903 - Jacquelinec Thank You Sooo Much
Thank you so much Jacquelinec I have won 2 prizes today from comps that you have posted... 1) Tickets to see Riverdance at the Hammersmith Appollo 2) Tickets for the Pokemon Om?

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